Week 3


From my point of view, the remarkable impact of the Internet to Education is that it allows us to open to a new education world. I had the first on-line class with Clare (my class mate) at the Christie’s bistro, where is in the Withworth building at university. I have had a couple of on- line class experiences before, which was about sexual education at work and it was made all animations. I actually played it without watching or just forwarded and answered the question in the end. Therefore, my expectation was rather low before attending our first on-line class. However, my overall impression was quite changed now. Meeting Drew and other students from out of the class room was quite different experience. I rather feel we have Skype chat, which made me more comfortable than attending the class room. According to Levin et al. (1990), students perceive that discussions in distance learning are more equitable and democratic than face-to-face classroom discussions. I actually participated in more than in the classroom setting.

Here is my thought about the on-line class.

– Students can have a class from all different geographic worlds

– Cover the lack of interaction with using video conference tool

: I was doubt that e-learning cannot replace the real lecture due to the lack of the interaction between teachers and learners. However, after having on-line class I rather changed my view a little bit. While my professor was carrying the lecture, he kept asking students to answer and made me think about the topics just like a normal classroom setting. I witnessed the alternative way to solve the weakness of the on-line learning.

– Technological limitation

: It is impossible to conduct this class without internet access. We were actually struggling because of connection problem but it was not that bad. Although education is a starting point for people to have an equal life, it is hard to achieve for everybody to get education in reality. I think E-learning could be one of the solutions for the sake of people who cannot have the education access for the various reasons. However, without technology infrastructure, it is also impossible. When I discuss this matter with Janesh (a very smart classmate), he said “there are things we can’t do but we still have to try because we do not know what it is going to be tomorrow”. He is right and in fact the solution is still on- going process and this on-line learning will keep progress if there are more people use it. I would like to be one of those who contribute to solve this problem.



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