Seol-Nal (Feb 9th)

I have celebrated three new year’s days for 4 months.

Indian new year’s day was the earliest one, which was  in November 2012, I was with my classmates including Janesh and had Indian curry. Then I celebrate new year’s day  on 1st January 2013 s with Korean friends and playing poker. Finally today, Chinese new year’s day, called Seol-Nal in Korean.

First, I went to Kaby’s place and had Japanese curry and new year’s day rice cake. Kaby is such a nice and intelligent girl, who is from Hong Kong and a lecturer at Manchester university, and my language exchange partner. She is very interested in learning Korean and knows Korean K-pop and soap drama more than me.  She inspires me a lot.  Today we talked about the new year’s day celebration in each country.

Later, I went to James’ place and had huge dinner with Taiwanese people. There were eight Taiwanese and study at the university. Interesting thing is they all met on the plane on the way to Manchester. How crazy it is!!

Personally, it is a meaningful day for me since 2012 is finally over. The year of 2012 is pretty tough for me especially after arriving in Manchester. I lost my stuffs a lot and faced  couple of obstacles which were I had neither experienced  nor expected I could faced that kind of situation before so it made me sometimes really weak and a coward. However, I learned a lot from it and thought about myself more than before.   After couple of minutes, this year is over and I am ready to say good-bye to 2012.

Never see you again!!



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