Week 2


the notion of Multimedia – the combination of text and pictures

Tools: interactive whiteboard, Activeinspire

This week:

Question with BBC video clip : Words + pictures + sounds can help or not?

(HTML 5 is replacing  the Flash and it is useful)

– they are all text:

– convey the meaning

– pictorial: graphic, visual object without text)

* caution: terminology is very important so be careful to use it

– The first text is from pictogram ( represent the object/symbol) and move on to the text since it is hard to complicated to represent abstract or state concept.

Mayer’s 3 view points of Multimedia

1. Delivery -media view: what channel or what technology tools are using? such as projector, video, and computer and so on – techno centric view

2. Presentation mode view: what text is using such as verval or pictorial text? or combination of them

3. Sensory – modality view: what sense the receptor is using such as visual , auditory, Kinocentic. fundmental sense we learn/ ex) Children multimedia – it is emphasised to using picutre but using lots of sounds is very importatn since they are associated with sound for learning

3 theoretic term

Response strengthening : behaviouristic approach – students response becomes strength with repeated training / reflectional input and output related with drilling

Information acquisition (transfermissional aquistion): How you get the information. you are blank sheet and you get your information

Knowledge construction(building): you have  already some information foundation and build on that

According to Mayer, good multimedia-

Deep learning: ex) when learning other language, the moment you are able to push it around, manipulate it and people understand what I mean is deep learning stage. you are able to apply it and use it in daily life.


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