13th Feb

In the begining

In class, we watched Youtube video about the Dyslexia

: allow viewers to have experience about the notion/ topic more effectively though sense of visualization or movement

Elements of media: melting together and  describe the notion

– Sound: neutrual music

– Animation: flash

– Video

Duel channel: although human brain perceives  audio channel and  visual channel separately, it can process the notion in the end. ex) bumble bee – we can imagine a picture of bumble bee with music. music or sound becomes metaphor

Limited capacity: each channel has limitation when perceiving  information.  ex) when watching a film with subtitle together, it is difficult  to focus on two visual stuffs due to the limitation of  capacity.

Active processing: any information you perceive to convert to make a note/ summarizing = making a note means you understand in your way. In this sense, the Powerpoint is arguable since it takes away students to make a note

Cognitive load: as we have a limited capacity, real overload can occur with same channel or different channel. be careful using music and text channel together.

creating multimedia task, focus on exact contents – intrinsic memory/ Germane  load-  manipulating or decreasing the intrinsic problem/anything pertinent to  illustrate the concept


Depending on the target audiences, the channel should be changed.


deaf audience – visual channel only

Dyslexia – Audio channel will be more effective than using dual channel


focusing on counting, 50% of people miss to see the gorilla

– we miss out a lot so when making a  mulitimedia


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