Week 10

I had to prepare for my first presentation in English in week 10. The presentation was about the media impact on early childhood. I was bit stressed out while preparing the presentation since I could not find any clue for my textual analysis for two weeks. We, including Eliana, James and me, unfortunately could not contact other distance learners and bring them into our presentation, first decided to present the advantages and disadvantages of media. We utilized the Prezi instead the Powerpoint. As usual, in the beginning I struggled a lot because I was not good at using it. However, after spending a lot of time and watching tutorial from the Youtube, I became comfortable to utilise it and made a pretty decent Prezi in the end.I inserted a picture of us taken in the MOSI at the first slide. I still think it was cool and bit weird about the picture since James, Eliana and me were taken and it was even before the group members were decided for this presentation. I think we were meant to be in a group or Drew had a kind of supernatural power in a good way.


Although I prepared a script for my part, I had million butterflies in my stomach as we had not had any rehearsal before and I spent too much time dealing with Prezi rather than focusing on the presentation. After all, we had nice presentation and I am glad not to pass out in the middle of the presentation.  While preparing a presentation, I changed a topic that how media influenced my early childhood. The interesting point is that all the Medias I had during my growing up, although I spent most of my teen years at the girl’s school, I was naturally exposed to more boys’ stuffs such as console game, violent movies, basketball cartoons and football rather than girls’ thanks to my four boy relatives, who were same age so grown up together. Until I was doing this work, I always doubt that why I do not have typical girls’ characters. I made a conclusion that there are more other factors but the media I had in my childhood definitely influence my character, which I have now. There were two things on my mind after the presentation. One is that it was actually first time to think about my childhood and I traced back my school time and youth, which was really meaningful. As Laurillard discussed in the Conversational Framework (2007), it was easier and more motivated to engage into the work since it reflects my own idea and experience. In addition, I argued that I would like to hide or block my child from media if I have any. There was all kind of arguments going on very shortly regarding this matter. The impression I got is like why do you do that and it is impossible to stay away from the media influence now. However, from my experience, I think children should be exposed to the nature more when they are young and have a chance to form their own philosophy by interaction with external world instead of playing the Playstaion and clicking meaningless stuff. From my point of view, parents should facilitate the environment for their children to interact with nature and real human being rather than giving a fancy gadget and staying in the second life. I really hope my future child to be strong enough mentally and physically to be independent from the digital technology.

Lastly, I was going to make a short movie about Rambo while preparing the presentation. I made a scenario I was Rambo, James was kidnapped and Eliana was a hijacker. However it did not end up due to the time limit. I should have made it since I believe having a good memory about the subject makes learning last long.


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